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Electronic Information System for Immigration Card Facilities

Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights No. 13 of 2022 on Electronic Information System for Immigration Card Facilities at Immigration Checkpoints

Enforcement Date: 28 November 2022

  • Electronic Information System for Immigration Cards (“EIS-I Cards”) are cards that contain various types of electronic data, specifically personal data, biometric data, photographs, travel records and other required data. This card can be issued to foreign/Indonesian citizens who can then use it to enter the territory of Indonesia through official immigration checkpoints (that have been equipped with EIS-I Card readers). Furthermore, EIS-I Cards have a maximum validity period of five years and may be extended for a further year.
  • This regulation emphasizes that EIS-I Cards should also be used by foreign citizens and Indonesian citizens whenever traveling to/from Special Economic Zones (Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus/KEK) to ensure easier immigration processing.
  • To secure an EIS-I Card, Indonesian/foreign citizens should submit their applications to the relevant immigration official in either electronic or non-electronic form. Prior to submitting their applications, Indonesian/foreign citizens must meet various requirements, as set out under this regulation.
  • More information on this regulation is provided in Hukumonline’s publication titled “New Provisions on EIS-I Card Facilities at Immigration Checkpoints Enter into Force on 28 November 2022”, as accessible to Hukumonline’s subscribers. For more details on the subscription, please contact Hukumonline’s team at

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