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Indonesian Foreign Investments

Regulation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs No. 10 of 2022 on the Protection, Facilitation and Recordation of Indonesian Foreign Investments

Enforcement Date: 5 April 2022

  • Indonesian diplomatic and consular representatives working abroad (“Representatives”) must protect Indonesian investors who engage in foreign investments in the following ways: 1) Investment assistance and advocacy; 2) Reports on the implementation of projects that are set to be initiated or that are ongoing in the relevant receiving countries; and/or 3) Other types of protection, in accordance with provisions set under Indonesia’s national laws and local investment laws.
  • Indonesian investors who engage in any foreign investments will be able to enjoy the following types of investment facilitation, among others: 1) Provision of general information on the geographies, economic conditions and laws and regulations of destination countries in relation to Indonesian foreign investments; 2) Information on Indonesian foreign investment potential and opportunities; 3) Provision of reviews of any investment barriers that are in force in recipient countries; and so forth.
  • Representatives are required to record any data and information that relate to investments that are being undertaken by Indonesian investors in the countries/regions in which they are stationed. Said data and information comprise the following: 1) Identity of the Indonesian investor; 2) Form of investment; 3) Business sector/field; 4) Investment value/amount of capital invested; 5) Number of Indonesian migrant workers employed by the company; 6) Facilitation activities; 7) Policies that apply within the local country; and/or 8) Other data and information relating to Indonesian foreign investments.

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