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Export Policies and Arrangements

Regulation of the Minister of Trade No. 12 of 2022 on the Third Amendment to Regulation of the Minister of Trade No. 19 of 2021 on Export Policies and Arrangements

Enforcement Date: 20 March 2022

  • Amends the legal framework that applies to export activities for crude palm oil (“CPO”) and related derivative products.
  • Removes several provisions that specifically address the issuance of export approvals of certain goods based on the domestic market obligation and/or the domestic price obligation, specifically relating to Biodiesel, CPO, and its derivative products as determined by the Director-General of Foreign Trade (“Director-General”).
  • The following consequences now apply to export approvals: 1) Export approvals for CPO and related derivative products for which licenses have already been secured in accordance with Regulation 19/2021 and its amendment have now been revoked and declared invalid; and 2) Export approvals for other fuels in the form of biodiesel (“Biodiesel Export Approvals”) that were automatically suspended based on Regulation 19/2021 will be automatically reactivated by the Director-General on behalf of the Minister through the INATRADE system and will then be forwarded via the Indonesian National Single Window System (Sistem Indonesia National Single Window).
  • Finally, exporters that applied for business licenses for the export sector in the form of export approvals prior to the promulgation of the Third Amendment and whose licenses are still being processed will be subject to the following consequences: 1) Applications for export approvals for CPO and related derivative products will not be processed any further; and 2) Applications for Biodiesel Export Approvals will not be processed any further, while any suspended export approvals will be reactivated.

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